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1. Case Study

What allowed him to lose weight? Easy to get to/accessible health

A 29 year old male was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and and HbA1c of 10.0. He was about to become a first time dad. Beginning treatment with RH gave him the opportunity to learn about his diagnosis and have accessible care so he could successfully keep up with scheduled appointments and follow diet, exercise, and medication treatments and recommendations. He wanted to improve his health for himself and his family, and RH made it possible for him to do so by removing the barriers to health that he had faced in a traditional health care setting. Within eight months, he lost weight and lowered his HbA1c to 7.1. He continues to visit RH providers and work on his health, no just for himself, but also for his newborn baby girl!
2. Case Study
A 45 year old male diagnosed with Type II diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea currently takes 5 medications. His HbA1c was around 11.2, his blood pressure was at 188/120, and he was struggling to lose weight and comply with his medication.With the convenience of onsite RH services, he finally had the opportunity for regular visits with his a doctor. Over time he was able to lose to lose 25 lbs., reduce and maintain his HbA1c at 6.9, lower his blood pressure 122/90, and consistently take his medication. He is excited about his progress and improving his health!
3. Case Study
A 34 year old male completed a wellness check at Retro Health, and discovered his triglyceride levels were at 907. The patient reported that he did not have a primary care provider and was struggling to find one due to COVID. The RH clinician made him aware of the Retro Health disease management program, where he completed an onsite wellness screening provided by RH, allowing him to be seen quickly via a telemedicine appointment and begin medication the same day. By the time of his telemedicine follow up 3 months later, his triglycerides had decreased to 205.
4. Case Study
A 37-year-old male was new the Retro Health Disease Management program. After having his first wellness visit and labs completed by the onsite nurse, he learned he had hypertension, high cholesterol, anxiety, lipoma (a fatty tumor below his skin), and hematuria (blood in his urine). Anticipating the potential health risks posed by the hematuria diagnosis, the RH physician referred the patient for a CT of the Abdomen/Pelvis and then to a Urologist. The Urologist reviewed the results with the patient during their first appointment and shared that they found a soft tissue mass within the bladder with punctate calcification, and with further investigation diagnosed the patient with right lateral wall tumor 3+ cm. The urologist recommended a Cystoscopy/ TURBT procedure (Transurethral Resection of a Bladder Tumor) as soon as possible. This is usually the first treatment when diagnosed with bladder cancer. Retro Health’s strategic partnership with Texas Medical Management Free Market Surgery, allowed the nurse to quickly schedule him for consultation and surgery as well as assist the patient in navigating his care throughout the procedures and recovery. The outcome was positive, and the patient now maintains an annual follow up for continued preventative health care. He has also stopped all tobacco use. Although clearly not the typical situation, the onsite accessibility, expertise, and proactive focus of Retro Health, enabled this employee to receive a curative, life-saving, early intervention for bladder cancer.
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